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Charles H. Goren  clic

 En este sitio reproducen la propuesta KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), del maestro Charles H. Goren para promover el juego del Bridge en el mundo. Este simple grupo de convenciones está dirigido a los estudiantes de Bridge y a los jugadores nuevos e intermedios que desean un sistema de remate simple.

  Wayne Flournoy y Anna Marsh clic

 En las convenciones de SAYC revisadas y simplificadas por Wayne Flournoy y Anna Marsh en Junio 2002 proponen que "Un jugador novato puede acordar con su compañero no usar algunas de las convenciones estándar, pero la asociación debe aceptar explícitamente qué convenciones deben excluirse. Las convenciones estándar sugeridas para que los novatos omitan específicamente se marcan como "asterisco"

  Larry Cohen  clic

I am a staunch advocate of "less is more." My observation is that at every level of the game, players are using too many conventions. Too often I see players (from beginner to world champion) misusing or forgetting their methods. Everyone would benefit if they would just KISS. (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

  Barbara Seagram   clic

Consent to play only conventions you are totally comfortable with. Stayman and Blackwood are the only conventions that are absolutely necessary for most players (I'll add in Jacoby Transfers and Negative Doubles as close behind). The important point is that if you place a new convention on your card, make sure you understand it and have discussed it at length with your partner. Many players think it makes them look "cool" or experienced to have all the new bids as part of their arsenal. Sure, many of the top players use a complex biddings system but they study and practice constantly. If you don't play often or have various partners, Play the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

Conventions You Should Know


So, what conventions do you need to know? If you are a social bridge player, then we recommend learning Stayman. Other useful conventions are Takeout Doubles, Blackwood (asking for aces and kings on the way to a slam) and the 2-club opening bid, which shows a very strong hand (usually 22 points or more), in conjunction with weak 2 bids.

Larry Cohen   clic

 The 12 Conventions that should be in your Deck

According to Larry Cohen the 12 conventions that should be in every players deck are: 1. Negative Doubles 2. Blackwood 3. Stayman 4. Jacoby Transfers 5. 4th Suit Game Force 6. Methods vs Opponents NoTrump (DONT) 7. Weak Jumps in Competition 8. 2NT asks after our Weak-Two Bids 9. Unusual NoTrump/Michaels 10. New Minor Forcing (Chechback) 11. Jacoby 2NT 12. Support Doubles These (and a few more) are covered here.